Udemy Course – 1 | 2022

In this 2022 year this is my first udemy course for this year.

Course Name: Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress and React Developers [2022]

I wanted to purchase a course for blocks from udemy and I have purchased one before but that is not clarify everything. So I purchase one more and I am glad it is very good course and I am definetly going to reccommend others about it.


Google AdSense Setup for Review

For using google Adsense we have to first sign up using their google form.


Add the address before your payment is done

Add the site URL

Connect your site to AdSense – There will be a code generated which you need to add in the header of your site.

Once you add the code. They will review your site content and check the content is eligible for ads or not.

Once it is accepted you can have the auto generated ads or created ads as well.