How we will be a standard Coder?

We all know how to develop a website. If at all we don’t know then we can be google it and learn it. But very often we search about how can we become a standard coder.

Let me tell you I face many challenges to become a standard corded and I am facing it till date.

Below are the points which I learn in the process of being a standard coder.

  1. Update with the latest tools and technology trends. First thing I search a lot what are the standards and all everywhere I found that “Be updated with the latest tools and technology”. Hell yeah, this is true.
  2. Interact with the people whom codes are standard. This is a really good point to interact with people. They are the best person who can suggest what to do. I did it and trust me in first I feel some shyness but people who have knowledge are way more than all this.
  3. PHP CodeSniffer  This is the latest tool which you can install in your PC and check your coding standard.

These points are the basic and very theoretical points. Let me know if you need more descriptive or technical points. I love to share them as well.

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